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The Errant Husband cover

The Errant Husband


Thelma, a bored Calgary bureaucrat and her husband, Wally, a struggling writer, are drifting apart. Thelma discovers a box of old papers from the archeology degree she didn’t complete, while Wally revisits his youthful obsession with Che Guevara after Rosa, an attractive young Cuban poet, joins his writing group. Wally receives a grant to study the conquistador, Hernando De Soto, in Cuba, and Thelma decides to join him. Arriving in Havana, she discovers that Wally has disappeared.


With the artist/gypsy cab driver, Tomás, his side kick, Jorge, and Cathy, a divorcee looking for love, Thelma travels the island in search of her errant husband. She is visited by the ghost of Isabel de Bobadilla, the wife De Soto abandoned, and memories of her beloved late father, a geologist. When the Soviet era Lada breaks down on a remote part of the Zapata peninsula, Thelma and Tomás discover a shared interest in the underground caves that litter the limestone peninsula and the sparks begin to fly.

Published by Radiant Press.


Clever, snappy, fun, and occasionally sharp, Calgary-based writer Elizabeth Haynes’s first novel takes the reader on a mysterious travelogue through Cuba, marriage, and memory.

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-Joelle Kidd, Minola Review


Haynes weaves a most unique story with interesting characters full of humanity and depth, a wholehearted and humorous read!

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-Kate, Goodreads


The Errant Husband is a worthy first novel, notable for a fresh authorial voice that engages readers...Part realistic love story and part romantic travel novel, The Errant Husband treats an archetypal theme, one often explored by Canadian writers as diverse as Margaret Laurence, Thomas King, Alice Munro and Miriam Toews: in order to progress, one must come to terms with one's past.

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-Ginny Ratsoy, Professor Emerita, Thomas Rivers University

The Errant Husband
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