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Jon Whyte Essay Contest, Alberta Literary Awards, 2012


Short listed, Prism magazine non-fiction award, 2011


Winner Jon Whyte Essay Contest, Alberta Book Awards, 2000


American Heart Award for Fiction


Western Magazine Awards for Fiction


Short listed, James H Gray award for non-fiction, Alberta Literary Awards, 2010


Short listed, Howard O'Hagan award for a collection short fiction, Alberta Book Awards, 2000


Short listed Writers Union of Canada postcard story contest






Alberta Foundation for the Arts, 2003, 2001


Banff Centre, Wired Writing Studio, 2001-2002





Speak Mandarin not Dialect, 1999, Thistledown Press, 149 pages


The Errant Husband


Magazines and Anthologies


Acclaim (England), vol. 2, #4, 1995


Albertaviews, Sept 2000


Alberta Rebound, Ed. A. van Herk NeWest Press, 1990


Boundless Alberta, Ed. A. van Herk NeWest Press, 1993


The Capilano Review, series 2:13, 1994


Dandelion, 1989.


The Dinosaur Review, Spring, 1988


Fresh Tracks: Writing the Western Landscape, Ed. P. Banting, Polestar Press, 1998


The Issues Collection - Families in Transition, T. Fenwick, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1994


The Issues Collection - Travel and Tourism, J. Wowk, C. Mayne, McGraw-Hill Ryerson 1995


Kaleidoscope: Exploring the Experience of Disablity through Literature and the Fine Arts

(U.S.A.), Nos 33, 1996 and 48, 2004


The Malahat Review, #167, summer 2009


The New Quarterly, #`122, Spring 2012


Other Voices, vol. 1, #3, 1990, Vol. 7, #4, 1994 and vol. 11, #1 1998


Prairie Fire, vol. 12, #2, 1991


Prism, vol 49:3, 2011


Room magazine, vol:4, 2009


Room of One's Own, 18:4, 1995


Shy: The Anthology, Edited by N.K. Lewis and R. Altrows, University of Alberta Press, 2012


Walk Myself Home. An Anthology to End Violence against Women. Edited by A. Routley Caitlin Press, 2010.


Zygote, vol. 2, #4, 1995

Waiting, Edited by R. Altrows and J. Sedivy, University of Alberta Press, 2018,


You Look Good for Your Age, Edited by R. Altrows, University of Alberta Press, 2021

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